Once a month I drive by the most interesting man.  He shows up for peace.

He’s interesting because he stands on the busy intersection of  New Scotland Avenue and South Manning in Albany waving a peace flag. I’ve been driving by this spot for years and he’s there once a month, in all kinds of weather. He stands in the dark or in bright gleaming sunlight, waving.  He show up for peace in his own small way.  He’s an older man, with what I assume is a Veteran’s hat. What is his story?  Was he a soldier?  What war was he in?  Why does he wave on for peace.  I don’t know the answers but I do know one thing- he is always smiling.

I don’t know who he is but I honk my VW Beetle horn and he waves back at me. I adore this stranger.  His act of monthly peaceful pride is cheerful, defiant, and brightens up my commute home. One day I am going to stop and thank him.

It makes me wonder- what do I show up for?  What do you show up for in your small, heroic way? I would love to hear.