Seeing a beloved friend find the person she belongs with is a glorious experience. Marriage, in my opinion, is the most romantic proposition of all.  Nothing  screams romance  for me more than committed, true love.  To pledge your troth to one another in the face of any future adversity is to whisper faith and hope into the universe.

A romantic ceremony

Amy and Stephen were married in Alexandria, Virginia at the Kimpton Lorien Hotel and Spa.  They were surrounded by an intimate band of friends and family. I was honored  that my husband and I were invited to join this merriment. Matt and I drove from Albany, NY the morning of July 7th in a whirl of excitement.

I’ll pause to describe the venue. The Lorien is one of those tucked off-the-street boutique hotels with a European looking courtyard. It reeks of elegance and refinement. Inside, grey, blue and purple colors dance.  The wedding itself was on one of the outdoor terraces. My friends outdid themselves with the decor and special touches (like fans, tissues, and other wedding accessories for the guests).

The wedding was a celebration family and community and Stephen’s beautiful children were integral to the entire day.  I don’t want to give away their private wedding secrets, but Amy and Stephen had a unique, community-oriented ceremony. They did a few things that touched me and one thing I’ve never seen before: a ring warming, where we each were able to hold their wedding rings and cast our individual magic/prayer/best wishes for a lifetime of health, cheer, and love.  It was a brazenly spiritual act that brought us all together.

True love is a revolutionary act of courage, and I think we were all just overjoyed to be together. We cried tears of joy and happiness for these loved friends, but we also rejoiced with smiles of celebration and many warm hugs.


The cocktail hour and reception were full of more joy and especially catching up. True friends catch up and can pick up where they left off, even after not seeing each other for years. It felt great to reconnect to these folks and make new friends!

Here is the college group (photo courtesy of the matron of honor, Cindy!):

Romance is in the air

Wedding Memories


A romantic tour on the Potomac

Afterwards, a few of us sat in the courtyard and talked and drank wine, then caught a trolly through Old Town. Old Town is a sneakily cute and vibrant section of Virginia. People watching is a good sport in this section of Alexandria.

Our final destination of the wedding eve was The Admiral Tilpa riverboat that tours the Potomac River. It was a beautiful evening (until the storm rolled in), with views of the Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington Memorials. As  the sun set, the children on board grew funnier and a little sleepy, and the adults chatted more, and enjoyed the power of nature.

Thank you for a spectacular day of true romance. Cheers to the new Mister and Missus.