I’m a Christian feminist and I believe bodily autonomy is a prerequisite to living a fulfilling, spiritual  life.  And I also like a good pint.

With that in mind, when I was told that Shmaltz Brewing was donating $1 per pint to Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson, I knew my husband and I would have to go- after all the combo of drinking a good cider or IPA for one of my favorite causes is irresistible.

Some words about Shmaltz- it’s delightful and a good Clifton Park addition. Colorful art lines the walls, there’s comfy seating with flowers in mason jars, and a healthy selection of beers. An area off the large tasting room has arcade games, and on those walls  there was more art. I fell in love with several works by artist Rachel A. Baxter and think I need to save up to buy one of her pieces.

We were there to try the She’brew IPA, which was smoother and had more interesting flavors than IPAs I’ve tried elsewhere.

Our group of PP supporters was given a tour by the fun, detailed Tasting Room Manager, Shane Blaze Egan.  The tour was a real highlight for us- I love how passionate and articulate beer connoisseurs and makers are; I’ve been more of a wine girl my whole adult life, but the Star Trek beers may convert me.


Shmaltz Brewing barrels


I love when a local business also supports a good cause, and Planned Parenthood is a tremendous cause. PPMH helps people of all ages receive quality health care. I sternly believe in their mission and motto “Care. No Matter What.”  That judgement free attitude coupled with providing quality care is why  I went to Planned Parenthood in my younger days and why I support PP today.

Today is Palm Sunday and I sat in church pondering the way many people of faith attack an institution that has helped thousands upon thousands of women. It seems misguided and I hope people of faith who support Planned Parenthood consider all the good it does and the moral consequences of politicians defunding a lifeline for many people.

In the meantime, I will proudly wear my new saucy pink She’Brew t-shirt- those proceeds also go to help the cause- not only Planned Parenthood, but the  Pink Boots Society scholarship fund, a global nonprofit that aims to advance women in the beer business. Let’s break barriers everywhere!