On Good Friday, I took a half day to go to service at the Cathedral of All Saints, drink spendid coffee ( I fasted ’til 3pm, which is always a hungry mistake for me, but I was well-intentioned) and see some interesting photography.

Let’s talk about each of these things.

The Good Friday service was a lovely event that felt very Anglican in spirit. If you’ve never been to the Cathedral, go even if you’re not Episcopalian!  The music is always impressive, and the High Gothic architecture is a feast for the eyes. I was pleasantly surprised by how many of us turned out on the beautiful sun-filled day.  The service was very thought provoking and the Dean gave a good sermon- and he referenced Johnny Cash (via the Tom Wait song, which you may want to hear right now Down There By The Train).

there’s a golden moon
that shines up through the mist
I know that your name
will be on that list
There’s no eye for an eye
there’s no tooth for a tooth
I saw Judas Iscariot carrying John Wilkes Booth

down there by the train


Regretfully, I had to run to move my car before the service was quite over since I was about to run out of meter money.  Plus, I tried to fast.  Some people are elegant fasters but hanger fills me with regret. Still, my downtown Albany adventure sent me to one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had at the Stacks Espresso Bar on Broadway. I chose the pour over and it was a delicate, fragrant cup of coffee.  The barista said I’d taste every note, and she was absolutely right.  If I can be quite honest, it was transcendent. Between the notes of rose and nutmeg, reading The Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu on The Golden Rule, and the rapture of Good Friday, the moment felt perfect. Plus, the baristas and clientele all have a cool, chill air.

Perfect, quiet moments are not as rare as we think- it’s important to seek them out.

As part of the journey of Good Friday, I wanted to see art.  Art is the other dimension of religion in my eyes- our turn to be creative, and bring our gifts to light.  The Albany Center Gallery was a jewel.  Right now, until this Friday, there is a photo exhibit of works by local artists: Albany Regional Select Show; a special favorite is Sean Stewart’s “Spirit Quest.”

Good photography combines a distance point of view and an eye for the particular- there were many examples of this on display.

The exhibit is only here ’til Friday!  Check it out.  Also, the Center Gallery is making moves soon.  I plan to check it out when it does move.  We should support our non- profits, especially those that bring beauty to our area.

Roam around through our downtown areas- or wherever you may live. Surprises abound.