Our country is in a state of turmoil in many ways (including but not limited to violence, racist acts, confusion over Covid-19, denying science, working against environmental problems).

That said. . .
We can choose to act in ways that promote justice and equality.
We can vote and elect candidates who engage with their constituents and care about long term solutions to our problems.
We can hope for the best and work in small ways to make our neighborhoods and communities better. That will make our country and the world better.
We can choose to be kind to strangers and try to understand the perspectives of people we disagree with.
We can be good citizens and engage in civic discourse and activity.
We can choose to appreciate our family and friends.
We can choose to nurture beauty.
We can choose to do the difficult things that are also the right things.
We can choose to do our best every day.
We can choose an attitude of respect to everyone we encounter.
We can choose to defend the members of our society who are voiceless.
We can remember everyone who has been lost to illness and violence and act in their memory.
We can choose love.
Always choose the loving action.
We live in a nation that can continue to grow and provide opportunity. We must all do our best to live up to the promise.