This blog post is my P.S.A.  Life your life fully- a cliche in some ways but one that cane a guiding mantra.  A few things in my world have caused me to dig deep into what the saying means. I have a sick, hospitalized Mom (again), friends who are suffering loss, family going through illness.  Death and sickness are close at hand. And really, that’s always the case. It shouldn’t take these tragic reminders to remind us that we are blessed in the here and now, and that we must be present every day. Don’t put off your dreams.

Lessons FromMy Mom

My Mama was a vibrant, sparkling woman. She still has that spark, but it is dimmed by physical and mental illness, as well as Alzheimer’s. Time has been cruel in ways I don’t love discussing.

She had dreams of going to Italy, to Spain that will never come true now. That is heartbreaking to know.

I think of other people in my life- the people who say, “I’ll do that when the kids are out of college,” or who stay in jobs that no longer give their days meaning.  I think of people who stay in relationships they’ve outgrown. Others go through their days without getting to the core of what will bring meaning, truth, and joy.


I’m not advocating abandoning responsibility.  Not everything that we want can be gratified instantly.  Some things are worth striving for, and attaining after hard work, but with all ambitions, you have to Start Now.  If you are constantly putting off what you you really want you may never achieve your goals. Human beings have a tendency to focus on what is urgent and not important; the most dreams are sometimes not at the top of our priority lists. But you could die, or get sick, or have something that could legitimately prevent you from fulfilling your dreams. Don’t waste your life waiting for a tomorrow that may not happen.

You actually have a responsibility to seek your bliss and to give back to the world- that’s a bigger responsibility than paying off your credit card bill.  By all means, pay off your credit card since that will allow you to pursue the experiences that are more worthwhile, but have a plan about your larger destiny. Seek help from God, from friends, from family to live your life fully.

If you want to go to Italy or Egypt, what is holding you back? Money?  Start saving a dollar at a time. Time? We have 24 hours in each day- you can make that time work for you.

Start Now

I think too many times we put off the dreams of our hearts for flimsy reasons- out of fear, or even laziness. Attaining your goals is work in many cases.  If you want to run a business, you have to work long hours. If you want a relationship that fills your soul, you can’t stay at home and sulk. Action is required.

If you don’t know where to start: pray, get help from a friend who does live fully, get guidance from a professional.  Go to the library, do research. The world is full of resources. The pursuit of our dream, being on the path, is as fulfilling as the achievement of the dream.  That’s a truth I’ve learned.

My Dream For You

You deserve to be fulfilled, and have a scrumptious life.  It’s a short life, and you don’t know when your last day is coming. Act today to get the life you want!

And finally, remember, help others achieve their dreams. This is central to living a good life. Especially help people who have more limited resources. I realize that even writing this post shows my privilege in this culture, but I really believe everyone is entitled to dreams and to the means of achievement. When we have more resources than others, we are duty bound to help our neighbor as ourselves. Not just because it’s the right thing but also because

When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace. Dalai Lama