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July 2017

Invest Trust


Trust As A Spiritual Practice In An Age of Unrest

Written on July 17, 2017

Trust is one of those themes I have been coming across on the daily of late. In my case, I’ve been contemplating how to be less anxious and trust the universe.  Other friends are facing the specter of betrayal and question how to trust particular people.  One friend even shared that one of her rules is not to…

The Nation We Build Together


Patriotic Travels in Washington, D.C.

Written on July 13, 2017

I cried my way through Washington, D.C. I was overcome patriotic feeling: loving my country, loving our people, and wanting us to be more brave and open than we are at this current moment in history.  But D.C. showed me that this nation has seen ups and downs before- we shall overcome. Lincoln and McClellan Our…

Romance on the Potomac River


A Romantic Alexandria, Virginia Wedding

Written on July 12, 2017

Seeing a beloved friend find the person she belongs with is a glorious experience. Marriage, in my opinion, is the most romantic proposition of all.  Nothing  screams romance  for me more than committed, true love.  To pledge your troth to one another in the face of any future adversity is to whisper faith and hope into…

Portland, Maine Greetings


A Brief Adventure in Portland, Maine

Written on July 3, 2017

Portland, Maine is a gem of cobbled city streets with  fine food smells wafting in the air. I was only there for a couple of days for a business trip but I intend to go back (soon!) to Portland, Maine. It was charming, a little crunchy, and full of music and food. Food in Portland, Maine…

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