Live Life Fully- Dreams


Live Your Life Fully- Dreams

Written on February 12, 2018

This blog post is my P.S.A.  Life your life fully- a cliche in some ways but one that cane a guiding mantra.  A few things in my world have caused me to dig deep into what the saying means. I have a sick, hospitalized Mom (again), friends who are suffering loss, family going through illness….

Dr. King, Bonhoeffer and other modern martyrs who stood in God's love (Westminster Abbey)


Standing in God’s Love with Bonhoeffer and MLK

Written on January 14, 2018

The holiday to honor MLK is almost upon us. I’m listening to the service in his honor led by Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II and also thinking of a book I recently read, “Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy” about another martyr to justice whose courage was instructed by God’s love. The book I read,…

New Year's Day


New Year’s Day

Written on January 3, 2018

I wrote this poem in 2009 and wanted to share it. Every year I feel the same.   New Year’s Day The snow on the ground, a light dusting which will turn to ice, is a canvas of hope. Blankness, emptiness and a promise of bright and cheerful tomorrows to rescue the sorrows of yesterday….

Christmas in your heart


Christmas Comes But Once a Year

Written on December 12, 2017

Light in the Darkness It’s been a while since I’ve written.  Partly, from being busy and dealing with welcomed changes in our lives.  Partly for wondering what I really want to continue writing about.  Writing is one of those things you can’t put off and I plan to continue writing often in 2018. But now…

Albany Capitol Haunted Tour - Million Dollar Staircase

Upstate NY

Spooky Treat: Albany’s Capitol Haunted Tour

Written on October 17, 2017

Halloween in the Area Halloween is almost upon us and Albany, NY and all of the Capital Region is filled with spooky tours, ghost walks, and haunted hay rides. The Capitol Haunted Tour is a highlight of the October wealth of frights. More than the seat of government, the Capitol is host to many stories…

Kindness and Grief


Life is Too Short: Be Kind

Written on October 10, 2017

Last month a former co-worker died.  She was also a friend.  Deb helped me understand the struggled my Mom was going through with her health because she was dealing with some of the same issues.  She counseled me on patience and kindness by being witty and funny and kind. Death has taken a wonderful wife,…

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